Website Audit

DigitSol’s website audit facility is the best in the market and it is a way to analyze the website’s effectiveness and to develop strategies for improvement. The website audit is a technical process which covers the assessment of user’s experience, content effectiveness, architectural strategies, SEO and many other things. The output of this process would be a detailed report developed b our team which will also have recommended solutions which DigitSol could provide.

  • Enhancing Usability

The aim of a website must be to create understandability and usability for customers so that it can be used in your favor. Thus, our team will do website audit in such a way which would increase the usability of the site through audience analysis and perception audit. After analyzing the usability of your website the team will develop recommendations plan. The team will offer services which the DigitSol can do to enhance the usability such as improvement of broken links and response time.

  • Compliance Standards

This step involves the assessment of current coding standards on which the website is currently running. Our professionals will suggest the use of appropriate international codes, compliance to current standards, cross browser compatibility and responsive performance.

  • Maximizing Accessibility

DigitSol is committed and dedicated to enhance your business and thus, our website audit includes the techniques to increase the visibility of your website to as many people as we can. The accessibility service includes the detailed WAI/WCAG, AA and AAA reports, suggestions to adopt enhancement technologies, developing strategies to increase accessibility and marketing through attractive advertisements.

  • Usage Of Information Architecture

Website enhancement is an art and a science at the same time. Our team is expert in creating the navigational structure of your website and use different architectural strategies such as usage of taxonomy, Meta tagging, methods to enhance browsing on the basis of subject and search engine ranking improvement.

  • Branding

DigitSol offers complete package of branding strategies to enhance your website’s quality. Our services include the creation of visual designs through modern tools, guidelines of branding and its design consistency.

  • Business Process

DigitSol knows the wider business prospective and their importance and we offer our other services which include e-marketing, site promotion, competitive analysis and developing new strategies to enhance the website’s quality and visibility.

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