This technique helps the businesses to send relevant message to the potential customers or people interested in things similar to your products and services. This is a cheap way to advertise and even enables you to answer the most common questions people are asking or searching on search engines. DigitSol’s PPC services are cheaper and most efficient in the market. We provide you with a long tail keyword help in such a ways that your keyword research works profitable for you.

AdWords is a learning process and requires the expertise of professionals like we have at DigitSol. We will help you in this regard by following multiple step procedure and by that, you will be able to have a long list of hundreds or even thousands of words which are trending and are being searched by the people having interest in products similar to yours. This will help you to build up keyword groups and then use them on your website content or blogs and attract your clients.

DigitSol’s Pay Per Click Services

AdWords is a very nice service provided by Google to advertise your business especially to the target market. This service lets the businesses to construct different ads and helps in showing them to people who might be interested in them. Our AdWords Pay per click is a service which will make sure the ads are created on the basis of keyword research and the ads are shown to mostly the target audience.  We will combine our keyword research and pay per click services for this particular task and make sure your business is reached by every potential client on internet. DigitSol uses many tools for this purpose including:

  • Paid Competitive Keywords Research

Our professionals are expert in utilizing different software and tools to improve the rankings of your ads through keywords. For this purpose, we use tools like SpyFu, key compete, compete.com search analytics and keyword spy. These tools let us know the most trending keywords in your industry and we’ll use them to boost your ranking too.

  • Budget Estimation

These kind of software let us know about the number of clicks on specific ads and their bid prices. Such tools include Google traffic estimator and they help in estimating the spending being done on ads and let us decide to keep which ad and to skip which one.

  • Bulk Keyword Editing

Once an ad is made, it might later remain not as effective as in initial period. Thus, the need to edit remains constant and this is done through these tools. We shall use Google AdWord editor, Bing Ads editor, Keyword list cleaner, Keyword Wrapper for you comfort.

  • Bid Management

There are certain rules set by the search engines and let us bid on the basis of these rules. They also help in making bid conversion metrics. The tools in which we are expert are Google conversion optimizer, Kenshoo and WordStream.

By taking our services, you’ll feel stress free as we take all your AdWords responsibilities. We’ll use as many tools as it will be necessary for your website and will try to satisfy your requirements at very affordable rate.

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