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Constructing websites with the help of Bootstrap is very good idea. It has strong features and robust documentation. Additionally, its community support makes it the best development framework. Bootstrap was initially made to make things look great on modern browsers and other devices such as tablets and smart phones by using the responsive CSS technique. DigitSol provides the best of services for PSD to Bootstrap conversion. When you will submit a file of Photoshop/PSD for a twitter Bootstrap HTML conversion, DigitSol team will provide you with the pixel perfect and retina ready Bootstrap and HTML code.

Our team follows a step by step procedure for each project to make sure that each client is satisfied. The process goes as below.

Step 1- Review Of Design

Initially, our expert developer will review the design files you will provide to us and ensure that those files are compatible with Twitter Bootstrap and has all the necessary design elements in PSD files. The expert reviews all the pages provided by you and the necessary elements for a PSD to Bootstrap conversion as per your requirements. After the reviewing process is done, you would get quote for services. DigitSol charges on per page basis i.e for each PSD file for each HTML file you would like to get from us.

Step 2- Bootstrap Developers Code

When the project is reviewed the development process begins. One of the DigitSol’s expert web developers would begin the process of hand coding the designs you have provided to us into the Bootstrap framework. All the essential elements included in the design such as colors, images, font size, and positioning which are presently in PSD format will be converted into HTML code. The expert team will go through the PSD file layer by layer and will make sure that it becomes pixel perfect and cross browser compatible and later be easily extended into your applications.

Step 3- Bootstrap JQuery Animations

When the DigitSol’s expert web developer has coded the initial Bootstrap HTML/CSS, our team will now step into the process of coding the Bootstrap jQuery of your design files. Our experts will make sure that the animations you require would be included in this step i.e Bootstrap jQuery plug-ins with your PSD to initial Bootstrap coding. We specialize in all kinds of animations such as drop down menus and modal pop-ups. These interactions are typically taken from multiple groups layers in the initial PSD design.

Step 4- Quality Assurance

Our team members will now review the coding after jQuery animation elements are coded and test them on various browsers and through different designs. This process usually takes a week to make sure there are no loop holes left behind

Step 5- Final Delivery

Once our team is satisfied with their work and has tested it successfully, the project is finally delivered to the client. Thus, by this step, the client has their PSD converted to Bootstrap HTML and CSS.  DigitSol will give you a time frame as a trial period and if any issue arises, we will resolve it without any extra fee.

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